Quick StartΒΆ

To get started, install IPFX via pip into a fresh conda evironment. For details see the Installation guide Installation.

Next, example datasets can be downloaded according to the instructions in the Data Access Data Access.

To process a dataset saved in the nwb file, run:

$ python -m ipfx.bin.run_pipeline_from_nwb_file <input_nwb_file> <output_dir>


  • input_nwb_file: a full path to the NWB file with cell ephys recordings
  • output_dir: an output directory to save the results


  • input.json: input parameters
  • output.json: output including cell features
  • output.nwb: NWB file including spike times
  • log.txt: run log
  • qc_figs: index.html includes cell figures and feature table and sweep.html includes sweep figures