Welcome to Intrinsic Physiology Feature Extractor (IPFX)ΒΆ

IPFX is a Python package for computing intrinsic cell features from electrophysiology data. With this package you can:

  • Perform cell data quality control (e.g. resting potential stability)
  • Detect action potentials and their features (e.g. threshold time and voltage)
  • Calculate features of spike trains (e.g., adaptation index)
  • Calculate stimulus-specific cell features

For a full list of features refer to the WHOLE-CELL ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY FEATURE ANALYSIS Section in the Electrophysiology Overview

You can use IPFX for tasks varying in scale from analyzing individual sweeps, to datasets of single cells saved in the NWB file format, to constructing a standalone data processing pipeline alike the Allen Institute electrophysiology QC and Analysis Pipeline to process thousands of datasets

To get started check out the quick tutorial Tutorial or dive into complete examples Gallery of Examples.